Production Title: AS YOU LIKE IT: The Lost Gentleman

Audition Dates: 13th (from 5pm) & 14th October

Callback Dates: 21st October (TBC with actors)

Audition Location:The Fentiman Arms, 64 Fentiman Road, Oval, London, SW8 1LA -  The Rectory Room, First Floor. 

Shooting Locations: Greater London

Shooting  Date: End of November (TBC with actors)

Production Company: TRENCH Films

Company Website:

Director: Charlie MacRae-Tod

Deadline for applications: 12th October at 10pm 

Production type:  Short film (proof of concept piece for full Feature)


Length: 10 mins


This film is an adaptation of an excerpt from Act 3, Scene 2 of Shakespeare’s As You Like It: Would-be lovers Rosalind and Orlando send sparks flying as they are reacquainted in the ecstatic throng of a woodland rave at the Arden Forest Festival. Time stops and Orlando is lured into the shadows by a disguised Rosalind. Through his drug induced haze, Orlando is trying to make sense of the queer, seductive and strangely familiar figure which appears before him like something from a dream. Rosalind/Ganymede (like we’ve never seen him/her/them before) uses magic, narcotics and role play to teach Orlando the visceral differences between romantic love and sexual desire.

Character: Orlando [Lead]

Gender: Male

Playing age: 18-30

Character Description

Orlando is a young buck at his first music festival. Full of ideals and pumped up with the excitement of his recent romantic quest to tell everyone and anyone in his close proximity quite how much he really truly LOVES this girl Rosalind. He hasn’t yet distinguished himself as an individual from his ideas about what it means to be a man and a lover. He is firmly introduced to hidden aspects of his sexuality by Rosalind/Ganymede in the film and becomes passionately infatuated with the magical and uncategorizable-ness of their character and body. 

NOTE: This role may require actors to simulate sex as part of the scene. If you have any questions about this please don’t hesitate to email us or ask in person during your audition.

PLEASE EMAIL with “Orlando” in the subject heading to apply for your audition slot with any recent headshots/photos/CVs/Spotlight profiles/showreels. 

If there is a particular time or particular day that is more suitable for you, please let us know via email and we will do our best to accommodate. We will then be in touch to confirm an audition time and your audition piece if you are shortlisted. Please don’t just turn up on the day! 

If you are unable to make the audition date for any reason, please let us know in advance and send a self tape (max 2 mins) of Orlando's opening monologue:


As I remember, Adam, it was upon this fashion bequeathed me by will but poor a thousand crowns, and, as thou sayest, charged my brother on his blessing, to breed me well: and there begins my sadness. My brother Jaques he keeps at school, and report speaks goldenly of his profit: for my part, he keeps me rustically at home, or, to speak more properly, stays me here at home unkept; for call you that keeping for a gentleman of my birth, that differs not from the stalling of an ox? His horses are bred better; for, besides that they are fair with their feeding, they are taught their manage, and to that end riders dearly hired: but I, his brother, gain nothing under him but growth, for the which his animals on his dunghills are as much bound to him as I. Besides this nothing that he so plentifully gives me, the something that nature gave me, his countenance seems to take from me: he lets me feed with his hinds, bars me the place of a brother, and, as much as in him lies, mines my gentility with my education. This is it, Adam, that grieves me; and the spirit of my father, which I think is within me, begins to mutiny against this servitude. I will no longer endure it, though yet I know no wise remedy how to avoid it.


via Wetransfer/Google Drive to with “TAPE - Orlando” as the subject for your email. The deadline for self tape submissions is 9pm on 16th October.


If you know any actors who you think would be interested in auditioning for this role please share:

We look forward to hearing from you!

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